Saturday, July 29, 2017

Week 30!

Hey mom! Yeah, it's definitely a blessing to be here! I can't believe how lucky I am to get to freaking LIVE HERE.  But yeah, I don't live this super touristy life, but it's okay, I'm still living in the Amazon.  I guess I get to REALLY experience it because I'm meeting the people and actually living down here.

This week was awesome! We started out celebrating my birthday which was a ton of fun! So many nice people who were awesome enough to celebrate my birthday with me because they know how hard it must be to celebrate a birthday so far from home.  But it was a ton of fun.  ALSO, I got my birthday package today which was sooooo freaking awesome. :)  I'm so pumped to force Elder Nielsen to play board games with me, haha.  I don't know, Elder Cantons, the Ecuadorian who lives next to us was pumped to play with me 'cuz they love that shiz down here so I'm sure we'll have fun.  I dang near cried when I got that sweet Brooks Brothers stuff! You guys hooked it UP! I seriously have the best parents ever.  I can't believe how thoughtful you guys are! And the ties are awesome! I am wearing one right now, haha.  Everyone here loves these ties so much, hahaha. I have to be careful or the people here are gonna try and mooch me one of them, hahaha.  Also, Elder Nielsen and I bought ourselves some hammocks that we put up in the house so it's just been sweet chilling out.  We just put them up today, so we'll see how they work, hahaha.

This week we finally had some investigators at church!  We had 3.  We had Jey Rojas, Keila's brother, and Mercedes' son, who is really making an effort to get baptized.  They all want to head up to Bogot√° as a family and go to the temple, so they are super excited for him to get ready for it!  The other two were a mother and son who we have been teaching for a while, but we could never get them to come to church.  So in the morning we passed by and invited them, and the said, "Yeah well head over, see you there," and we were like, dang....that means they're not coming.  But sure enough they came over right after sacrament meeting started! It was awesome.  So I feel a little better about myself as a missionary, haha.

We have an investigator named, Dionicio.  We have been teaching him for a while, but because of some complications, we couldn't get him a baptismal date.  He is amazing though.  He goes to church every week, he lives by all the commandments and is just awesome.  So we decided to call the president and ask what we could do with him, and the president told us we should do what we feel Dionicio is ready for.  So Elder Nielsen and I talked it over, and then we went to talk to Dionicio.  We were able to help him get a goal.  So now we are just working towards the baptismal goal we set.  Dionicio is another really great example of how lives can change.  He used to have some tough times, but he found God, and searched out the truth, and he is just beyond excited to be fixing his life up the way his father in heaving wants him to! 

So as you can see, this has been a great week! I still live out here in paradise, I eat rice every day, and the internet is slower than anything I have ever seen in my live.  But I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Love you mom, talk to you next week.

P.S.  I can't send photos this week because this computer is from the dang 1950's

Pictures from his birthday, thanks to Oscar and Mercedes!  :) 

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