Monday, January 15, 2018

Week 55!

Hey Mom! 

This week was a bunch of fun.  First off, coming all the way out to Villavicencio on a bus.  Freaking 4 hour bus ride all by myself, haha.  I survived though.  I got here and have been hanging out with my man Elder Nielsen from Parma, Idaho since then.  It's been really cool.  It was weird teaching with him again.  We just already knew how to work together and how to teach together so it didn't take us long before we were back in the old routine again, haha. 

So a little about Villavo (that's what they call it for short and they pronounce it like Villao).  It's like a giant city in the middle of the dang jungle.  They call it the "llanos" which I'm pretty sure means plains because its just a ton of flat lands, but a big part of my area is mountainous which is pretty rad.  We get some good exercise climbing the mountains on foot.  Some of the typical food here is "Carne a la llanera" which is a food I think I might have told you guys about a while back.  It's meat they put on a think they call the "llanera"  and they let it rotate over a fire for a while.  It's like their own smoked meat. Real good though.  Dad would like it.  The music is pretty much normal Colombian stuff, but there is a style called LLANO that is pretty awful.  It's just really fast and made for drinking, haha.  The heat is a ton of fun to try and survive.   Today as a zone we went to a place called Cosechas, which is like Jamba Juice down here.  Its a dang missionary's best friend in hot lands.  It's the best way to escape the heat for a bit.   Today we also went to the zoo as a district (and some other elders from the zone) which was a grat tim [Tanner lingo for "great time"].  We just kinda walked around and saw some fun animals.  Nothing too crazy, except for the DOPE FREAKING FILTHY JOHNS PICS WE TOOK [Filthy Johns are the Dollar Store kid's sunglasses that Tanner loves].  Haha, the zone thought it was pretty funny, so everyone walked outta there with a good ol' filthy johns pic.

Other than that we've just been working like crazy.  I'm still getting used to the area and the people so I don't have a ton to say about the work.  But I'll tell you guys when we have more to talk abouty :) Love you all!  See ya.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Week 54!

Hey mom!  Thanks for the letter :) 

I'm a little short on time because I had to write a fat letter to the President because there have been some changes.  First off...PEACE OUT BOGOTÁ, HELLO VILLAVICENCIO.  I'm headed out of Marsella.  I've loved it a ton, and we have had a lot of good things going, but I guess Elder Hancock will have to hold the place up.  

So, Villavicencio is a part of hot lands...meaning it´s outside of bogotá and its real hot.  REAL hot.  But the good news is, Elder Nielsen (my comp in Leticia) is there, and he says it's kind of like Leticia, but just less extreme.  So the heat and the rain are just...less.  Also...crazy thing.  Elder Nielsen is going to be my comp AGAIN.  Haha, it's funny because they had to come stay at our house the other day because they came to Bogotá for a Leadership meeting, and we were joking about how I was going to be his comp's replacement because he is leaving...and whataya know I'm headed there tomorrow.  I have to leave tomorrow because I need to go to a zone leader training in the morning because Elder Nielsen and I are going to be zone leaders together.  Everyone says being a zone leader is tough, but I guess we'll see, haha :)

So yesterday we ran around and said by to everyone.  It was pretty tough.  Saying bye always sucks.  I don't know if you can tell, but the kid in the Halloween costume in the photo is crying because we told him I was leaving.  It was pretty heart breaking for everyone.  So we ran around saying bye to everyone and taking photos.  This morning we went and said bye to some of the people in my district who are heading out too.  So.... IT'S BEEN REAL MARSELLA, SEE YOU LATA.

Thanks mom for everything.  Love you  a bunch.  Talk to you next week.  I'll send pics of the area next week :)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Week 53!

Hey mom! All good over here in the gool ol' Colombo for the new year.  It sounds like you guys have been keeping pretty busy this week as usual.  Especially working on New Year's Eve.  Freaaaak.

This week we kept pretty busy here as well.  It been pretty wacky for new years because everyone in Colombia is a nut, but it's been cool.  This ward is really good and treats us really well so we have been enjoying the holidays.  Leticia Sandoval and her family made us a dinner to take home and eat (because we aren't supposed to eat dinner with the members on holidays) which was super cool!  They are way too nice to us, they always have us over and are so nice.  I feel kind of annoying sometimes because we are always over there. 

This week we just worked our butts off as usual, haha.  We had divisions with the zone leaders which was a lot of fun.  I went over to their area in Kennedy, and Elder Hancock stayed here.  They got us a new investigator so I'm pretty happy about it. :)  We did some contacting too and found some new investigators.  I'm pretty happy.  People in Colombia are pretty open to the message because I imagine knocking doors in the good ol' US of A doesn't get much done, hahaha.  

Other than that things have been pretty normal.  Yesterday for P Day we went bowling which was a bunch of fun.  It's pretty durn expensive but I can't complain because bowling is real fun.  Afterwards we went to this giant mall called Multiplaza that's pretty new.  The place is huge and really cool, except that everything is closed on New Years so we didn't really get to do anything. 

SO mom, I was talking with Leticia and her family about things to do when we come back to Colombia.  They say that in Melgar (the hottest part of the mission...they call it the hell of the mission cause its so hot) there is a place called Cafam.  Its just a huge water/amusement park place that they say we need to check out.  I don't really know anything about it, just that it's huge and not too expensive.  Check it out though and tell me what you think :)  Because I really don't think that there is anything you would like here in, Bogotá, hahaha.

Thanks guys for everything.  Love you a bunch.  I'll try and send some photos in a sec, this computer doesn't have a place for USB so I need to move computers.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Week 52!

Hey mom! I'm sorry if this letter is way too short, I really don't have a ton to say.  This week was just kind of nuts, and I kind of already told you guys about it on Sundee.   It was super cool to see you guys on Skype though!  I was real pumped about it.  I just love how it's just a normal conversation as if we were just talking at home.  I know it sounds weird, I just like how chill it is.

Other than that, this week wasn't too interesting.  We went and sang Christmas carols in everyone's areas so we didn't have a ton of time in our own area to work, but it was still a lot of fun.  We got some good contacts too that should hopefully be investigators soon.

We didn't really think we would have anybody at church because it was Christmas eve, and nobody wants to go to church on Christmas, but it was pretty rad because we had 5 people come with us to church! :) I set a goal a while back that I wouldn't have another week this year with nobody at church, and so far so good! Getting people to church has always been kind of hard, but we've been trying real hard lately and we've been having a lot of success with it.   I guess that's why they make us set so many dang goals during the mission. many goals.  All is well though.

The Christmas party we had yesterday was a ton of fun too.  Everyone brought food and a game to play so we just messed around the whole time. We ate a bunch and just did some real good hanging out.  Lot of fun. 

Thanks guys for everything you do. :) Thanks for the letter.  Merry Bob Saget Christmas.  I'll try and send some photos...but this computer keeps freezing every time I do.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve Skype!

We only got to Skype for 55 minutes!  But it was amazing!  Elder Leishman is clearly so happy doing missionary work!  He is making great friends along the way and LOVES Colombia and the people there.  He is missing music and wanted to know the latest news in the music world from his brothers.  We were excited to meet his companion, Elder Hancock, and a few other elders from his mission.  

Monday, December 18, 2017

Week 51!

Hey mom! Just so you know, the 24th, at 5:00 COLOMBIAN TIME we will be skyping so be ready :)

Glad to hear you guys had an interesting week! Hahaha, this week was pretty interesting for me as well.

Well we all thought that this week was going to be a little more chill because the Christmas parties and everything were over, but HECK, the week was still full of stuff to do.  Oh well, it was still fun.  I think they try and keep us pretty busy and distracted because Christmas time is pretty rough in the mission.  

The other day the zone leaders texted us and told us, "Hey, tomorrow you have to be in the North in the morning to help out with a service project."  And that was it.  Nobody told us what we would be doing, or how much time it would take...or really anything. We got there the next day and we got to help out some Venezuelans get some food.  For those that don't know, Venezuela isn't doing so well.  It's pretty much in civil war because their president is so corrupt.  It's almost impossible to find food, paper, soap, or really anything.  So they are all doing everything they can to get out of Venezuela, but when they get here they don't have much.  Including food or money.  So the church donated a bunch of food to help these people out.  Since a lot of them were mothers with babies, they had us carry their food boxes to the bus, and help them get everything they needed.  It was cool to help out, plus some of my friends from the North mission that I met in the MTC were there so we had a real good time. :) The only bad part was that I got SUPER heckin' sunburned.  Hahaha, everyone made fun of me at church because I was so red.  Oh well, I can't help that I'm gringo.  

Also, this week we had 5 investigators come to church :)  I know that doesn't sound like anything too great, but DANG WHAT A MIRACLE.  Getting people to come to church sometimes feels like pulling teeth, but this week wasn't so bad so I'm plenty happy about it, haha.  A lot of people that hopefully will be ready for baptism real soon. :)  

Starting last week (and continuing this week) we are singing Christmas hymns as a zone in everyone's area.  So we started yesterday in our area...but there was a concert going on right next to it the whole time, so nobody could hear us very well, and it was just kind of nuts. But we are gonna keep singing this week and we'll see how it goes, haha. :)

Thanks for everything guys!  I pulled some money out today to buy myself a sweet pair of shoes.  They look pretty rad, I also got some stuff for my district for Christmas so thanks mom (and Grammy). :)  I love you guys a ton.  Can't wait to see you guys next week :) I'll try and send some photos in a bit.  

Monday, December 11, 2017

Week 50!

Hey mom! What a week.  Wayyy too busy, haha.  It was a lot of fun though.  We had the Mission Christmas Party which was a lot of fun.  All four Elders from Leticia came up and stayed in our house so it was really cool.  We just went with 3 zones from the mission, so it wasn't everyone, but it was still a lot of fun. We got to go to the temple with President and Hermana Baquerizo which was really cool.  Although we had to get up HECKIN early to get there on time.  Then we all got to watch Moana :) which was super cool, but I don't feel like I got the full effect because it was in Spanish, and the speaker barely worked the whole time, but I guess it'll just be something I gotta do when I get back.  In the end  a ton of fun though.

The next day we had the huge Christmas party with the ward.  It was a ton of fun.  Sadly we don't dance, but I def need to learn to dance all the cool dances they do down here.  I might learn to dance the Salsa and Bachata and use that to score a hot wife one day.   It was a lot of fun though :) A lot of music and we had like 7 investigators there so it went really well.  We had planned to sing a funny missionary song for the talent show, but in the end they didn't have one so we just didn't do it, haha.  We got to hang out and talk with the ward and with the investigators so it went really well.

ALSO, I got my Christmas package :) totally awesome! Thank you guys so much.  I've been feeling like a rich bass in all my new Brooks Brothers stuff, haha :) Also, we've been loving the poo-pourri.  My comp says thanks a ton for everything.  We have been loving it.  I'm using the voice recorder to make some good messages to send you guys because its real easy.  I think little by little i'll get used to talking to it, and I can send better messages.  I hope you like the ones I sent though :) 

This week we also did an activity with the MTC.  The missionaries come to our zone and work with us for a day. It was a lot of fun.  Crazy to think that I was there almost a year ago, haha. It kind of freaks me out.  

Well, although it was a crazy week, I guess I don't have a ton to say about it, haha.  I love you guys, keep on keepin' on.