Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Week 31!

Hey mom! This week sounds like a crazy one for you guys, and from a million miles away, it was crazy for me too! Hahaha. It sounds like you had a good time in NY.  And even going to the NY Shave Co. (you put me trunky with that one, haha) but I'm glad you guys have been doing good! I've been good here too!

So this week started off real strange.  We were teaching an investigator, and right as we started talking about baptism, the craziest storm hit.  She had a metal rooftop, so even the slightest rain made it impossible to hear.  But I guess the adversary really didn't want us getting this lady to baptism, because I have NEVER seen a storm like this in my life.  We just kind of sat in silence for about 20 minutes waiting for the storm to pass.  It was NUTS.  I have never seen so much water coming down from the sky.  It was like a giant bucket of water just got dumped on Leticia.  So after the storm passed, we closed up the lesson and had to leave.  So we didn't get the
chance to get her a baptismal date, but we are headed back to her house this week to help her out. BUT. The crazy part of the storm was that a family of investigators of the other elders had their house get wrecked by the storm.  The storm hit hard, and it ripped their roof off, and then blew a wall off.  So we all ran over there to help them, but it was too dark to do anything at the time, so we just had to come back the next day.  Sadly, they had to sleep in the house without a roof, and missing a wall.  And EVERYTHING was wet.  So all we could do to help was bring them one of the extra mattresses we had in the house to sleep on for the night. Then we got to help them out for the next few days to fix their house.  It looks a lot better now so that's a real good thing.

So with Dioncio, we had a baptismal date set for him.  He was so excited, and so were we.  Really all he needed to do was keep going to church and everything was going to be fine.  We talked real straight with him in the last lesson with him the he HAD to go to church, or we would have to extend his baptismal date.  He seemed to understand, and he promised us he would go.  But HE DIDN'T FREAKING GO.  So we have to talk about setting a new baptismal date, which sucks, but hey everything goes in the Lords time, so I can't be mad.

We also have some investigators names Roger and Laura, who work for a Juvenile Correction facility here in Leticia, with some young guys who have had some trouble in their passed, but want to get better. They invited us to come and teach the kids, because they are all kids who really need to find God in their lives right now.  So we went, and hung out with then we got to present ourselves.  We only had about 5 minutes, but we gave them all a pamphlet about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Then we asked them if they had any questions for us, and one of them raises his hand and goes "Could you please pray for my family, and pray for me that I will be able to leave the bad things I've done in the passed behind, and be a better person?" then right after, all the other guys (About 4 others) asked us if we could pray for their families as well.  It was a really powerful moment.  It was cool to see some kids who have a pretty rough background humble themselves and ask God for help.  So we all said a group prayer together it was awesome.  After the prayer, one of them came up and asked us when we could come back and teach them some more.  I'm excited to work with these kids.  They really need our help right now and I think we are just the people to do it.  We are the same age as them, and just like us, they aren't allowed to see their families during this time when they are in the facility.

So yeah! Its been a crazy week.  Lots of service which is always great!  And yeah, I did buy a new bag a little bit back.  The other one is really big and heavy, so I wear it in Bogota or when its raining, but its just so hot here, I'm just trying to keep it small and light, haha.  Thanks for everything mom! Love you a ton! Thanks for
writing me you're the best.  Juiciosa.


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