Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 28!

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!  July is my trunky month.  July is so full of great things that make me miss my family and my country. I freaking love you guys and the states.  I just got a call that the birthday package is in the office! I imagine it will be a few weeks before the package actually gets to me, but I'm glad to know it got there. :) Thanks for sending it.  

So sadly, Alber and Anaxiomara headed up to Bogotá for a bit because she needed to see a doctor for something.  But the GOOD news is, they went to BOSA!  My old area! So we are sending their information to the elders there, and the missionaries in Bosa will go visit them.  But when we visited them right before they left, they seemed to be doing really well.  They are reading the Book of Mormon, and they have a lot of questions.  But good they just want to keep learning.  
We also had a pretty weird experience this week, we met a guy last week named Gido.  He is just kind of a curious guy, who is willing to hear our message because he likes hearing about God.  So when we went and visited him this week, he told us about a dream he had a few years back.  Now, keep in mind, he had never talked to the missionaries before.  He didn't really even know anything about out church.  But he told us that a few years back he had a dream about two young men, between the age of 18 and 20 coming to his door, and teaching him about the truth.  It was weird because he even went further than that, like white shirts and name badges and everything.  We were both sitting there like, "wow...well here we freaking are!" But he didn't quite seem to understand how amazing that was, haha.  But we are still talking with him.  He still kind of lacks real intention, but we'll see. 

Also, we had Keila Rojas' baptism! She is Hermana Mercedes daughter.  She had investigated the church forever ago, but stopped because she moved to Cartagena to study.  So she came back and started listening to the missionaries again, and here she is!  She is really great.  Sadly she is already about to head back to Cartagena, but we already sent her info to the church and the missionaries there, so they will help her out.  Also, the other Elders in our district had a baptism, and the Elders from Brazil did too! So we had an "International Baptismal Day" according to the Brazilian branch president, haha.  It was really cool, I'm really happy for Keila and all the good decisions she is making in her life.  

Other than that all is pretty chill in Leticia. But like also a million degrees!! We went to the zoo today which was fun.  We got to see some monkeys, and that's kind of it, haha.  It's been fun to just hang out.  Thanks for everything mom! I love you like crazy.  Thanks for writing me!  I love you and miss you a ton! See ya, talk to you soon

Love - Elder Leishman

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