Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Hey guys! I´m here and I´m alive! I only have 5 minutes to write so I can´t write much. I´m also getting used to a new keyboard haha.  My Spanish is coming to me pretty well, I think I´ll be pretty good in a few weeks,  My companion is Elder Olsen from Farr West Utah.  He has only been a member for a year.  My p days are on Tuesdays so I think I will be able to write more then,  The food is pretty good, but we have only had one meal,  I got to try ganadilla, which is that funky gooey fruit but it was AMAZING, President and sister Duvall seem nice, but all the other missionaries say that they are very strict and you learn to just never question what they tell you to do.  We got here super late last night, it was like midnight or one in the morning, I can't remember.  I will try and upload pictures as soon as I get internet.  The CCM is pretty cool. Much smaller than Provo.  The chapel is in the back of the gym in the CCM.  I have some pictures of that too.  I love you guys and hope everything is going well!! Have mom send me an email so I can make sure i get her email right,  ¡Adios! ¡Se Amo!