Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 27!

Hey mom! This week wasn't all too interesting, but I know you would kill me if I didn't write anything so here I go!  Haha!

This week we really made an effort to contact more, and we got a BUNCH of new investigators.  It's kind of hard because, yeah we can get a ton of news here, but they don't really progress that much.  People are really open to the message, but that's kind of where it ends.  We did encounter a really cool couple names Alber and Anaxiomara (ana-si-omata) and they are really great.  They really liked the message, and are really excited to learn more.  They are from an indian tribe in the middle of the jungle, and they even showed us how to say some things in their native language.  It was way cool.  We have been following up with them quite a bit to see how they are doing, and they really like reading the Book of Mormon!  We gave them a paper called Questions of the Soul (I think it sounds less weird in Spanish, haha) but it just has some good BoM scriptures that answer some of peoples life long questions.  They told us they had been reading them and really like what the BoM has to say!  So I am really excited to teach them again!

Today we did something called an "Asado." It's basically a barbecue, but Colombian style.  It was really fun.  They made 3 different types of meat (Chicken, some kind of sausage called Calabreza, and some kind of steak thing) and of course....RICE!  Haha, it was a ton of fun.  We actually went into Brazil to get all the stuff for it, because everything is cheaper in Brazil!  So we bought all kinds of stuff, went back to our friend Oscar`s house, and his mom and aunt helped us cook it all Colombian style.  It was a ton of fun.  They also made us Agua Panela with Lime, which is a pretty typical Letician drink.  I used to really not like Agua Panela, but the way they do it in Leticia (cold, and with lime) is wayyy good.  So it was fun.  They also cover everything here in something called farofa.  Its just little crunchy crumbs that I think are just crushed up dry plantains, hahaha, but they LOVE it here.  I gotta be careful though, because people freaking chip there teeth on it.

Other than that, there isn't much to say! I'm glad you guys went out and celebrated for me![six month mark on the mission]  Haha, I kind of didn't do anything.  The time has gone by so fast, it really didn't even feel like I hit a mark.  But that's alright, I'll definitely do something for my year mark.  That's so cool you guys ran into Koleman and Ethan! And got to meet Hermana Thomas!  You guys had a pretty cool week it sounds like, haha.  I'm super trunky for Porcupine Grill so I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. :) 

Here is a picture of us eating scotcharoos and getting trunky together, haha!

Thanks to Hannah for the awesome cut outs!!

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