Saturday, July 29, 2017

Week 29!

Hey mom! Yeah, the debit card is working, so I pulled out a bunch of money to use in case it stops working.  Also, there is a huge multi cultural thing going on between Colombia, Brazil and Peru so they have been selling a bunch of stuff from all 3 countries.  So I went shopping for cool stuff there, didn't really find anything though. haha.  

Things have been good this week! We just kinda worked like we always do! Just doing our best to help people out! It was pretty rough, we were so pumped because we had like 6 people that promised they would come to church with us yesterday, and HECK every one of them cancelled on us.  It felt pretty bad.  I don't know, we are gonna work harder on that this week.   We still found a lot of great people to teach, so we just gotta keep working on it.

One of the people that cancelled on us is named the Chavez family.  They are really great, so that's why we aren't giving up on them.  The dad is named Wiler.  He is a devout Christian, but loves what we have to say.  He really seems to understand everything we talk about.  Our message really seems to make sense to him.  I remember in one of our first lessons with them he goes "I love that you guys don't make anything up." He goes, "the Catholics for some reason worship the virgin, and no where in the bible does it say we need to worship the virgin, and a bunch of other people worship baby Jesus...why would we worship a baby? You guys aren't just making anything up. What you teach is the truth." Haha, he is a good man.  It's just hard to get lessons in with them because he works all the time.  But they are a great family, so we aren't gonna give up on them any time soon.  

So tomorrow is my birthday!  I'm pretty pumped about that! We haven't done too much to celebrate, but that's all good.  Tonight we are going to FHE with Mercedes, and she said she is making me a cake. :) She is the biggest sweetheart.  So I'm PUMPED for that.  Plus, tomorrow the Munoz family invited us to go to lunch with them for my birthday.  So I'm kind of getting spoiled out here, hahaha.  I love how nice the people are to the missionaries here...I feel like I was never that great to the Elders in our ward and now I wish I was, hahaha.  Maybe you guys should invite them over for dinner or something. ;) 

Also, about Chunga's food.  I think you missed your chance to meet Jonny. :( I'm pretty sure he already moved back to Bosa.  But oh well! I hope the food was good.

Thanks for writing me, Mom!  You're the best.  Also, thanks for sending me a package! You're number 1!  I haven't gotten it yet, but they should be sending a new missionary down next week for cambios, so he might bring it down for me.  I'll take pics.  Love you and thanks for everything.

Elder Leishman

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