Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 26!

Hey Mom!  I'm sorry, but the internet here won't let me send pictures today.  So I don't have anything cool to show you this week.  But I uploaded some this week, so I hope that was enough.  Sounds like things are pretty interesting at home, but at the same time, super uninteresting, haha.  Sorry the house is so quiet all the time.  I wish I was there to go through the times with you.  You know that I would be there to have a nice chat with you.  But hey, at least you've got dad, who's pretty great.  

This week we got to fly up to Bogotá for a training with the president. It was cool because it was with my zone (Kennedy) and my last zone (La Libertad) so I got to see some good friends like Elder Christensen and Elder Gambini.  It was really cool, plus we got to hear talks from the zone leaders from both zones, the assistants, the president, and his wife.  They were all really great so I loved listening to that.  Then they gave us pizza, and not the nasty Colombian kind, they gave us Papa Johns.  Good ol' times.  

Then, my hero Elder Pond shows up and goes "Hey there's a package here for ya" so I got the huge bag of food you sent me!!  Thanks so much.  I've been loving it, haha.  The first night I had it, we went back to the zone leaders of La Libertad (Elder (Wyatt) Thompson and Elder Montalvo) and all of us had a scotcharoo.  We all got real trunky, haha, except for elder Montalvo.  He is from Peru so he just ate it a little at a time because it was way too sweet for him, haha, but he liked it. I've also been rocking those ties so it's been great.  Sadly, I was so close, but I didn't get to go into Bosa and say hi to all of my friends there, but that's alright.
Then we flew back into Leticia, and here we are.  Today we didn't do much, just went shopping, had lunch with Hermana Mercedes, and played some soccer. I wanted to go check out the zoo in Brazil, but we didn't have time.  Probs next week though. 

I feel weird, I've gotten used to all the Colombian food, so just like you said before, Mom, I've been craving it, haha.  I LOVE plantains.  I used to think they were the grossest thing when I first got here, but now if there isn't a plantain in my lunch I'm like, what the freak, where's my plantain. And I even make arepas all the time so it's been good.  I'm even used to eating rice EVERY DAY. I still think its unnecessary, but I'm used to it, hahaha.   

The more time I spend here, the cooler it becomes.  I wish you guys could be here with me to experience it.  It's been so cool.  And even better now that I have all of my good home food.  Thanks so much for everything mom.  I love you like crazy.  I'm gonna try and buy you guys stuff while I'm down here, so if you think of anything you would like, just email me. And that goes for the whole fam (if it's like a t shirt, make sure to send the size too).  

But yeah, things are great. It's still super hot, but I'm sure I'm losing weight for it, haha.  Thanks for everything mom.  You're amazing.  

Love - Elder Leishman

P.S.  Shout out to Hermana Jerrica Thomas who just got engaged!!! Congrats! Hope you guys are the best couple ever! Much love.  Peace.

A special thank you to Hermana Mercedes Pacaya for taking great care of Tanner and sending these photos!  What a blessing to have good people looking out for the missionaries!  

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