Friday, June 23, 2017

Week 25!

Hey mom! This week was interesting.  I'm still getting used to the area, and it's at least a million degrees here all the time, but that's okay because this place is amazing.  I haven't seen any monkeys yet, and sadly I'm not even sure if will get to.  That's alright though.  I can literally see the Amazon River from where we are at.  Our area has houses that are on the Amazon River.  They have little bridges that we have to take when the water is too high. It's nuts.  And there are trees everywhere.  It's so beautiful.  I can't wait to bring you guys back here :) 

It's also pretty crazy how nice the people are here.  We will knock on someones door and be like hey we're missionaries, and they'll be like, "oh cool!" and they'll pull out some chairs for us and we talk.  The people love listening to the missionaries, the only hard part is getting them to progress.  But hey, I can't complain.  Finding people in Bogotà was like the hardest part of the battle.  But here, if we go an hour of contacting and we don't get a new investigator, it's like weird.  

Also, something cool is that Leticia has it's own sodas.  They still have almost all the normal sodas like Coke and stuff, but they have their own brand called "Gaseosas Leticia" and some of them are pretty good.  Like the Guaranà flavor and stuff.  I'm a big fan.  They also have other cool Nestle products that we don't have in the states.  The one I like is called Nescua.  It's just another chocolate milk powder thing but its pretty good.  I'll have to bring some home to you guys, especially Kade.  I think he would love it.  There is also one called Ecco that I haven't tried yet, but everyone says it's way good.  They say it kind of tastes like coffee, but isn't coffee, so we`ll see how it tastes.  Haha, it's kind of funny because everything is a little more pricey here, so we try to budget pretty well.  We only buy powdered milk because it's cheaper, haha.  But I can't complain, it's not too bad. 

Everything is going great with Elder Nielsen.  He doesn't talk too much, but I think I talk enough for the both of us, haha.   I'm still getting used to having a comp who speaks English.  I hope I don't drive him nuts, haha!

I hear that we are headed up to Bogotà this week for a meeting so I might  be able to grab the package when I get there.  Thanks for sending it! ;) If you guys are sending one for my birthday I would recommend sending it pretty soon because there are VERY few times I get to go to Bogotà, and there are very few times that anyone comes down here.  Thanks so much you guys are the best.  I feel pretty hashtag blessed to have you guys.  Thanks for all you guys do.  Love you a ton.  Talk to you next week.

"If you love your town do not dump more trash, keep the place clean.  Leticia thanks you."

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