Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week 24!

Hey mom! This week was crazy!  Not just for you...but for me too, haha.  So we started off the week with going to the dentist, which was fine.  It's pretty cheap here so they fixed my tooth right up which was fine.  So afterwards we headed to the offices to give them the receipt.  I was talking to Elder Pond, the Secretary of travel and he goes, "Dude, do you wanna know the transfers?" and I was like, "No, I already know I'm staying in Bosa because everyone stays in Bosa." Then he gives me a look like "ah, hm," and I was like, what the freak man.  Then he is like, fine, I'll be right back.  So when he got back he goes, "I have permission to tell you tomorrow, so I'll call you," which was super weird because no one is allowed to know the cambios early except for the secretaries and assistants.  So I was super weirded out.  Elder Gambini was pretty chapped that I was leaving him but whatevs, that's just how the mission goes.

So the next day I call Elder Pond and I'm like, "alright man, where am I goin'," and he goes, "Elder Leishman. . .you're going to. . .LETICIA!" And I thought it was a joke at first.  Leticia is the bottom part of Colombia, where it's basically just Amazon and it is every missionaries dream, but almost nobody gets to go because there are only ever 4 missionaries at a time in Leticia.  So he tells me I gotta get my bags packed and bring them to the offices within two days.  But the catch is that you can only bring one bag, and a carry on.  Luckily, I don't have to bring any sweaters, or long sleeved shirts.  But packing light was hard, haha.

So Monday comes around, and we head  to the offices so I can get on the plane and go (yeah, you have to fly down there).  So we left the offices and went to the airport, but they didn't have enough room for us on the flight, so they moved us to the next day.  So they got us a freaking hotel for free, haha.  It was super fancy, and it came with free food.  We called the secretaries and they said, "sweet, good luck!" So we got to the hotel, set all of our stuff down, ate free lunch, and then had to head BACK to the offices again to get the phone for Leticia.  But FREAK.  When we got there they informed us that we couldn't stay in the hotel, so we had to go back to the hotel, get our stuff, and then go to live with the elders in Fontibon.  So we stayed the night in Fontibon.  But then we got up real early this morning, and hit the airport. We landed in Leticia and met our new comps!!  My new comp's name is Elder Nielson.  He is from Idaho, and he is a total stud.  I'm so pumped to be chillin' in paradise with my man Elder Nielson.  We are gonna kill it here.  I'm literally living in a remote town in the middle of the Amazon, haha.  Its suuuper hot, and the air is incredible.  We also have a pensionist that gives us lunch every day.  But not only that, the pensionist is a restaurant that we just go in and order, hahaha.  It's pretty cool.  Also, its a city that is touching Brazil, so I'm gonna start learning Portuguese!  We even share a chapel with Brazil. It's pretty nuts.  

Unfortunately, I don't have any really cool pictures yet, but I'll get them to you as soon as I can.  The internet is also super slow here, so I can't send too many pictures, and I might not be able to write too much sometimes, but I'll do my best.

Also, about the package.  Sadly, I won't be able to go to the offices now because I'm not in Bogota, and we would have to take a flight to even get back to normal Colombia, haha.  But when the secretaries, or zone leaders come down here, they will bring it with them.  So we will see how it goes.  So that is about all I have for this week! I'll keep you guys posted!  Love you! Talk to you soon.

Love - Elder Leishman

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