Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 23!

Hey mom! This week was kind of rough.  We had very little success, and we have just been exhausted.  Oh well, we just keep going. 

This week we sadly had to drop Wilfredo.  We had a lesson with him and he just has a hard time believing that there can be another book of scriptures.  He really just doesn't want to leave his current church so I'm sure that is a problem for him too.  We will keep passing by his house, but we won't be planning lessons with him anymore.  This last lesson broke my heart a little bit.  It was also really weird because we did the lesson in a car.  Just handin' out weirds I guess, haha.

Speaking of weirds...and broken things.  Today we made some meat to eat with our ramen which was pretty prime.  Except that the meat here is literally tougher than anything I have ever eaten.  They all tell me how much they want me to bring them beef jerky but I'm like, "why, literally all of your meat is tougher than beef jerky," but whatevs.  So after eating it I had basically half the slab of meat stuck in my teeth.  So I went and flossed my teeth, and a little chunk of my tooth came out.  FREAK.  Haha!  So I called the health secretary and the Mission President, and it looks like we might be headed to the dentist tomorrow morning. . . we'll see.  Now, Mom, I don't want you thinking that its because I don't brush my teeth because I've been REAL good about brushing and flossing my teeth.  I brush EVERY day, and what I do is brush my teeth until I can tell the toothpaste isn't doing anything, and then I spit it out, and get new toothpaste, and it's always for two minutes or more.  

Also, today I bought the most rad Adidas fanny pack.  Now I know Adidas doesn't make fanny packs, but it only cost me 4 bucks, so I don't even care if it's fake.  Elder Christensen took a real nice photo shoot of it for me too.  

Yesterday we got to help that couple move houses.  Unfortunately, they moved into Piamonte, so we don't get to teach them anymore.  It was real sad, I have been friends with Ceser since the beginning, so it was kind of heartbreaking to have to say bye after we FINALLY got to start teaching him.  But I'm just happy for him to get married, get baptized, and eventually get sealed.  I wish them the best in everything.  

This week Jorge (the kid who I told you about who used to sleep in the street) emailed me from the CCM [MTC in Colombia]!  He seems to be loving it so much, which is great because I HATED  the MTC, hahaha.  I'm sure he is going to love the MTC, and going to love the field even more.  
Other than that, I've just been living in good ol' Bosa.  Everything has been chill and we've just been working.  Love you mom! You're the best, thanks for everything.  Talk to you soon.

Elder T Leish

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